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~ There are unusual happenings going on in Savaialian City. Who possesses those glimmering eyes, and what brought them to Savaialia? ~

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Don't try to sneak!(Enter Society)
This board was originally established as a tribute to the fanfiction writings of Savaial, a woman of great talent. It was started as a board for writers and readers of gothic smut, contemporary smut, and smut in general. If any of this might offend you, this may not be the place for you. We ask that all visitors and members treat each other with respect. However, we do not censor language usage or topics of discussion. You may find some items here offensive. However, you should all remember one thing: you have the right to choose. You may choose to read, or not to read. You may choose to visit, or not to visit. No one forces you to be offended, no one forces you to like. You have the right to choose, so choose wisely. Welcome.